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We are a small, hard-working technical services provider based in the greater Los Angeles area. Established in 2012.
Sandy Therrien*
Founder and Principal
*PMP projected completion December 2022
Formerly Sandra Urias

1+ 858-683-3480, GMT-7 or -8

Sandra has 27 years of experience supporting aerospace and aviation, having worked in unmanned systems, experimental, flight test, and commercial human spaceflight. Her strongest skills are project management and technical communications. She has also supported software, engineering, and experimental aircraft start-ups.


She served in the US Air Force as a Communications and Navigation Systems Journeyman and flightline mechanic for six years and received accolades for leadership and morale building.

She is a current and active private pilot and Small UAS pilot.

Sandra has set up and executed technical publication programs from proposal to delivery and into sustainment. She has served in industries such as aerospace, custom software development, application service providers, utilities, enterprise security, travel and adventure, and engineering design, manufacturing, and flight test.


She is an authority in Interactive, Electronic, Technical Manual/Publication (IETM/P) design and implementation and delivered the US Navy's first fielded S1000D IETM. And, she is the author of

Managing Your First S1000D Project, A Guide for Technical Publications Project Managers, first and second editions.

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